Required Subrental # 9480: Longterm lighting

90x ETC S4 LED Series 2 Daylight HD Profile

64x Mac Viper Wash DX

76x CP Scenius Profile

210x Robe Robin 800 LED Wash, with Tophat and black eggcrate

36x Robe Mega Pointe

36x Ayrton MagicPanel FX

12x SGM P6

20x BMFL Wash XF

24x BMFL WashBeam

12x BMFL Blade

12x Robe Robin 150 LED Beam

24x Robe Spiider

12x Axyrton MagicDOT SX

20x Ayrton MagicBlade FX

30x Ayrton MagicBurst


  • Type:Lighting, LED Lights, Movinglights
  • Period:19. Mar - 03. Jul 2020
  • PRG Location:Hamburg
  • Delivery to:Bredowstrasse 34, DE-22113 Hamburg, Germany
  • Return from:Bredowstrasse 34, DE-22113 Hamburg, Germany
  • Partial offers welcome:yes
  • Alternative equipment welcome:no
  • Please offer until:02. Oct 2019, 12:00pm
  • Attachment:-
  • Contact:

  • Name:Jörg Welker
  • PRG Location:Hamburg
  • Phone:040-670886649

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