Required Subrental # 9447: Lighting

68x Astera AX7

10x Kobold DE400 Par, silver

48x Arri 650 Fresnel, black

24x Robe Pointe

30x JB Lighting A8 +Tunable White

32x GLP X4

4x RobertJuliat Aramis Follow Spot


  • Status :Deactivated by PRG
  • Type:Lighting, Incandescent Lights (Halogen), Discharge Lights (HMI, MSR or the like), LED Lights, Movinglights, Other Fixtures and Accessories
  • Period:19. Nov - 09. Dec 2019
  • PRG Location:Hamburg
  • Delivery to:Bredowstrasse 34, DE-22113 Hamburg, Germany
  • Return from:Bredowstrasse 34, DE-22113 Hamburg, Germany
  • Partial offers welcome:yes
  • Alternative equipment welcome:no
  • Please offer until:24. Sep 2019, 12:00pm
  • Attachment:-
  • Contact:

  • Name:Jörg Welker
  • PRG Location:Hamburg
  • Phone:040-670886649

Requirement closed!

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