Required Subrental # 8965: Lighting 1909-VM

20x ETC LED Series 2 Profile Daylight HD

6x Arri Skypanel S60C

200x SGM P6 incl. Barndoors

10x Kobold DE400 PAR, black

40x ArriEvent 18, 1200W

88x BMFL Wash XF

180x Robe 800

180x Tophat for Robe 800

180x black eggcrate for Robe 800

24x B&S L400 Variwhite 400W incl. tophat

4x ETC Irideon WLZ Washlight, black

10x Intellipix-R

20x Intellipix-XT

40x Magicdot-SX

20x Magicpanel-FX

20x Magicblade-FX

20x Magicburst

20x Megapointe

40x BMFL Wash Beam

40x BMFL Spot

40x BMFL Blade

20x Scenius Spot

90x Wash DX

20x VL3500 Wash FX

40x Viper Performance

20x Mythos

20x Pointe

40x Robe Spiider

36x Robe 150 LED Beam

10x  ROBERT JULIAT Dalis 860 LED Cyclight 300W

10x ROBERT JULIAT Dalis 864 LED Footlight 150W


  • Type:Lighting, Discharge Lights (HMI, MSR or the like), LED Lights, Movinglights
  • Period:07. Aug - 01. Oct 2019
  • PRG Location:Hamburg
  • Delivery to:Bredowstrasse 34, DE-22113 Hamburg, Germany
  • Return from:Bredowstrasse 34, DE-22113 Hamburg, Germany
  • Partial offers welcome:yes
  • Alternative equipment welcome:no
  • Please offer until:09. Apr 2019, 06:00pm
  • Attachment:-
  • Contact:

  • Name:Jörg Welker
  • PRG Location:Hamburg
  • Phone:040-670886649

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