Required Subrental # 8332: GROUNDsupport 1 to

6x Prolyte Truss Groundsupporttower MPT 004 schwarz

Incl. 1xBase black inkl. 4x Short outrigger

Incl. 1xTowerelement 50cm

Incl. 2xHingeset right

Incl. 1xSleevblock H30V / H40V eure Sleeve haben auch die Möglichkeit für H30D?

Incl. 1xTopfor

6x GS Tower 30cm

6x GS Tower 200cm

6x GS Tower 300cm

4x Prolyte Truss H30V schwarz 29cm

2x Prolyte Truss H30V schwarz 50cm

2x Prolyte Truss H30V schwarz 200cm

2x Prolyte Truss H30V schwarz 300cm

3x Prolyte Truss H40V schwarz 50cm

1x Prolyte Truss H40V schwarz 100cm

16x Prolyte Truss H40V schwarz 200cm

2x Prolyte Truss H40V schwarz 300cm

4x Prolyte Truss H30D/V Book-Cormer 1-180° schwarz


  • Status :Deactivated by PRG
  • Type:Rigging, Staging and Scaffolds, Stage Decks, Trusses, Rigging Accessories and Others, Staging Accessories and Others
  • Period:21. Nov - 07. Dec 2018
  • PRG Location:Zurich
  • Delivery to:Zurich
  • Return from:Zurich
  • Partial offers welcome:yes
  • Alternative equipment welcome:yes
  • Please offer until:19. Sep 2018, 12:00pm
  • Attachment:-
  • Contact:

  • Name:Santhosh Patrick
  • PRG Location:Zurich
  • Phone:+41 43 233 40 17

Requirement closed!

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