Required Subrental # 6416: Video Equipment

Room 1
2NEC 23" MultiSync TFT Screen1
1Blackmagic Smartview 17" HDSDI1
3Panasonic TX-L19X10E 19" Monitor1
6Converter HD-SDI to HDMI with HD-SDI loop thru1
4DVI Distributor 1:41
2SDI Distributor 1:8 HD-SDI1
1Barco PDS-902 3G Seamless Switcher1
1Barco ImagePro HD1
1Barco ImagePro HD 2 Dual Output1
1DVI Beam Set or Sumitomo 50m1
1Lightware DVI-OPT-TX/RX incl. 200m Opticalcon Duo1
Room 2
6Panasonic PT-DZ13K Projector4
6Pansonic Lens ET-D75LE0304
16Panasonic TX-L19X10E 19" TV4
2NEC 23" MultiSync TFT Screen4
3Blackmagic Smartview 17" HDSDI4
7SDI Distributor 1:8 HD-SDI4
2DVI Distributor 1:44
3BNC Distributor 1:6 Composite4
1SDI Matrix 16x16 VIdeoHub Blackmagic4
7Blackmagic Videohub Control4
1SDI Matrix 16x16 HD-SDI4
1SDI Matrix 32x32 HD-SDI4
1SDI Matrix 72x72 HD-SDI4
1Barco E24
1Barco EC-50 Event Controller4
5Barco ImagePro HD 2 Dual Output + Audio4
2Barco ImagePro HD 2 Dual Output4
2Barco ImagePro HD 24
6Barco ImagePro HD4
1Barco PDS902-3G4
27Converter HD-SDI to HDMI with HD-SDI loop thru4
7Converter HDMI to HD-SDI4
2Interspace Mastercue V64
2Lightware EDID-Manager4
1TV One Corioview C2-6104 Multiview Processor4
8Lightware DVI-OPT-TX/RX incl. 200m Opticalcon Duo4
1Rosendahl Nanosync HD4
Room 3
6Panasonic PT-DZ13K Projector1
6Pansonic Lens ET-D75LE0301
10Panasonic TX-L19X10E 19" TV1
1NEC X651 UHD Screen1
1Audipack Highstand to NEC X651UHD1
1NEC P703 Screen1
1Flyware for Landscape mount of P7031
4NEC 23" MultiSync TFT Screen1
5Blackmagic Smartview 17" HDSDI1
4SDI Distributor 1:8 HD-SDI1
12DVI Distributor 1:41
1BNC Distributor 1:6 Composite1
1SDI Matrix 32x32 HD-SDI1
2DVI Matrix 8x81
8Displayport Distributor 1:2 (no 4K needed)1
2Barco E21
1Barco S31
1Barco EC-50 Event Controller1
3Barco ImagePro HD 2 Dual Output + Audio1
1Barco ImagePro HD 2 Dual Output1
4Barco ImagePro HD 21
6Barco ImagePro HD1
20Converter HD-SDI to HDMI with HD-SDI loop thru1
2Interspace Mastercue V61
4Lightware EDID-Manager1
6Lightware DVI-OPT-TX/RX incl. 200m Opticalcon Duo1
14DVI Beam Set or Sumitomo 100m1
Room 4
3Panasonic TX-L19X10E 19" TV4
3Converter HD-SDI to HDMI with HD-SDI loop thru4
Room 5
2Panasonic PT-DZ21K Projector4
2Pansonic Lens ET-D75LE0304
8Converter HD-SDI to HDMI with HD-SDI loop thru4
2SDI Distributor 1:8 HD-SDI4
Room 6
1NEC 23" MultiSync TFT Screen4
1CorioView C2-6204 SDI Multiviewer4
104Cable BNC 1m (HDSDI)1
84Cable BNC 2m (HDSDI)1
102Cable BNC 5m (HDSDI)1
71Cable BNC 10m (HDSDI)1
50Cable BNC 20m (HDSDI)1
25Cable BNC 30m (HDSDI)1
21Cable BNC 50m (HDSDI)1
8Cable BNC 100m (HDSDI)1
20Cable 5xBNC 2m Multicore (HDSDI)1
15Cable 5xBNC 5m Multicore (HDSDI)1
15Cable 5xBNC 10m Multicore (HDSDI)1
21Cable 5xBNC 20m Multicore (HDSDI)1
11Cable 5xBNC 30m Multicore (HDSDI)1
16Cable 5xBNC 50m Multicore (HDSDI)1
70HDMI Cable 1-2m1
84HDMI Cable 3m1
20HDMI Cable 5m1
200DVI-D Cable 2m1
50DVI-D Cable 5m1
30DVI-D Cable 10m1


  • Status :Deactivated by PRG
  • Type:Video
  • Period:16. Aug - 10. Oct 2017
  • PRG Location:Zurich
  • Delivery to:Zurich
  • Return from:Zurich
  • Partial offers welcome:yes
  • Alternative equipment welcome:no
  • Please offer until:30. Jun 2017, 12:00pm
  • Attachment:-
  • Contact:

  • Name:Simon Baumstark
  • PRG Location:Zurich
  • Phone:+41432334015

Requirement closed!

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