Required Subrental # 5923: Intercom, d&b Lautsprecher, Q-Sys, Pioneer, Axient, InEar

3 x Telex Mainstation BTR-800 / 2-Ch. Wireless Intercom 

12 x Beltpack TR-825 / 2-Ch., Telex 

12 x Telex Leichtheadset 1-Ohr 

2 x Riedel Performer C44, System Interface 2-Ch. (19"/1HE) 

12 x Riedel Performer C3, Beltpack 2-Ch. 

4 x Riedel Performer C31, Split Box 1->3 

12 x Riedel Headset AIR 

14 x d&b E8, Speaker 

14 x E8 | Flugadapter, d&b (Z5354) 

3 x d&b J-SUB, Subbass 

3 x J | Flugrahmen, d&b (Z5300) 

4 x d&b Y7P, Speaker 

6 x d&b Y10P, Speaker 

18 x d&b Y8, Line Array 

6 x YP | Schwenkbügel, d&b (Z5397) 

4 x YP | Querbügel, d&b (Z5398) 

3 x Y8/12 | Flug(punkt)adapter, d&b (Z5394) 

14 x d&b D20 Amp 

3 x d&b D80 Amp 

2 x Soundgrid Mainframe Server One, Waves 

1 x Desk DJ-Mixer Pioneer DJM-900NXS 

2 x Audio DSP | Q-Sys Core 500i, QSC 

4 x I/O Card | Q-Sys CDN64 Dante Audio Bridge Karte, QSC 

1 x Player CD/MP3 Pioneer CDJ-2000 NXS / CD-Deck 

1 x DPA 4088-F Nackenbügelmic-Set 

4 x MIC DPA d:fine, Dual-ear, Directionnal, Black (Microdot) 

4 x IEM Transmitter Sennheiser SR2050 A-W (516-558MHz)

8 x IEM Bodypack Sennheiser EK2000 A-W (516-558 MHz) 

8 x Sennheiser IE4 In-Ear-Kopfhörer 

1 x IEM Antenna combiner Shure PA821 WB (470-870 MHz) 

2 x Fischer Amps wired In-Ear 

14 x d&b E12-D mit E12 Flying bracket Z5352 

1 x Yamaha RMIO64-D 

5 x Shure AXT 400 2-channel receiver UHF 

5 x Shure AXT 100 beltpack with antenna 

5 x Shure AXT 200 handheld mic inkl. KSM9 

1 x Shure AXT 600 spectrum manager 

4 x Shure AXT Showlink Access Point 

1 x Shure AXT 620 Ethernet-Switch 

1 x Riedel Artist64 Mainframe Digital Matrix Intercom 

1 x Riedel Artist32 Mainframe Digital Matrix Intercom 

1 x 1 RCP1028 with 2 ECP1016 with Headset Riedel Air 

1 x Riedel MADI 108 G2 Card 

2 x Riedel PMX-2008 SFP 

2 x Riedel RCP1028 E/O, incl. headset Riedel AIR and Panelmic 

14 x Riedel RCP1012 E/O, incl. headset Riedel AIR and Panelmic 

4 x Riedel DCP1016 E/O, incl. headset Riedel AIR and Panelmic 

3 x Riedel RiFace G2 4-wire to Motorola-Interface 

30 x radio set Motorola DP3xx with semi duplex mode 

10 x Motorola MDPMLN4418 Earpiece 

2 x Intercom Signal Light with GPI 

1 x Yamaha RSIO64-D


  • Status :Deactivated by PRG
  • Type:d&b PA, Speakers, Amps, Microphones wireless and cabled, Effects and Sound Processors, Mixing Consoles, Intercom wired and wireless, Conference and Interpreter Systems, Sound Accessories and Others
  • Period:14. Aug - 18. Sep 2017
  • PRG Location:Hamburg
  • Delivery to:Bredowstrasse 34, DE-22113 Hamburg, Germany
  • Return from:Bredowstrasse 34, DE-22113 Hamburg, Germany
  • Partial offers welcome:yes
  • Alternative equipment welcome:yes
  • Please offer until:11. Apr 2017, 12:00pm
  • Attachment:-
  • Contact:

  • Name:Dominik Garnies
  • PRG Location:Hamburg
  • Phone:02218707416

Requirement closed!

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