Required Subrental # 10046: LIGHTING // RIGGING

600X Source 4 LED Lustr eries 2 Head/Body 

700X Space Light Chroma-Q Soace Force LED

36X Grand MA2 Light Console

971X Hoist 415 500 KG CM-F-NL-D8+ CEE

100X GLP Impression X4 LED RGBW Black 

936X SGM P-5 LED RGBW Wash Light

316X Emergency Exit Sign W/BATT & Light

5582X Truss H30V 1.0M 

244X Truss Corner H30V 3 WAY 

All the quantities are correct, so whatever quantity you could offer would be highly appreciated.

We will accept alternatives on this one, so please offer alternatives as well if you have them available.

kind regards


  • Type:Lighting, Rigging, Incandescent Lights (Halogen), Discharge Lights (HMI, MSR or the like), LED Lights, Movinglights, Lighting Consoles, Cabling and Signal Processing (DMX, Artnet, Ethernet), Other Fixtures and Accessories, Trusses, Hoists and Controllers, Hoists according SIL3 (usable over people) and Controllers
  • Period:22. Oct - 30. Nov 2020
  • PRG Location:Birmingham
  • Delivery to:Birmingham
  • Return from:Birmingham
  • Partial offers welcome:no
  • Alternative equipment welcome:yes
  • Please offer until:03. Apr 2020, 12:00pm
  • Attachment:-
  • Contact:

  • Name:Keegan Bazeley
  • PRG Location:Birmingham
  • Phone:+443454706400

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